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  We are a next-generation provider of fully-integrated, scalable, end-to-end e-learning solutions  

At TrainerWare, we provide innovative e-learning solutions that dramatically improve the ability for organizations to deliver online courseware and assessments to their employees, distributors, customers and students while significantly decreasing preparation time and delivery costs.

The TrainerWare suite is a full-featured eLearning system that facilitates the creation of rich-media content, provides a platform to deliver that content to learners, and enables the management of learner performance and skill tracking on an ongoing basis.

TrainerWare provides your company with the most cost effective, relevant way to train and empower your people when and where they need it.  Think of us as your human resource department’s best friend.

Imagine TrainerWare and you maximizing your human capital and increasing your revenues - right away!  Keep your employees and distributors up to date with the latest information, products, services, policies & procedures, etc. of your company.  Instantly update information online in real-time without having to re-print all of your printed materials (the cost savings alone of online training materials instead of print is tremendous)

Imagine putting compliance and training requirement headaches behind you!  Stay one step ahead with TrainerWare Learning.  Minimize threats and maximize your potential for success.  At TrainerWare we understand that legal changes and challenges occur daily.  With TrainerWare you can rest assured that your employees, distributors and customers are fully knowledgeable about your products; what they will do and what they won't.  With TrainerWare you will be able to prove to the FDA and other regulatory bodies that you provided the correct and proper information.

Imagine having a sixth sense for success while selecting and staffing your call center employees.  Now, with TrainerWare Learning, you can predict the right person for the right job by evaluating online exam results.

At TrainerWare, we understand the importance of ongoing, in-depth client training and support programs.

That’s why we provide you with a cost - effective client platform that assures your client easy access and flexibility in training while greatly decreasing their time to market.  Can you imagine supporting your clients - in just one click?

Knowledgeable customers are more loyal, purchase more, and require less support. in creating turnkey solutions that result in greater return on investment.

 One stop registration - make it easy to register for and schedule multiple training sessions.
 Build your brand - by branding your product training.
 Expand your product’s value - through an expanding course library.
 Support your employees and distributors - and make it easy for them to immediately train, get
 relevant new product updates and releases.
 Build your company brand - provide unique branded systems for your company.
 Keep your employees, distributors and students coming back - through rapid training.

From structuring course materials to training your trainers to become virtual e-learning experts, TrainerWare is there to help your organization deliver knowledge content with ease.

Here are some options:

Use courses from our library.  Why develop new training material when you can use "Shared Courses" from the TrainerWare library.  With TrainerWare "Shared Courses" you can take advantage of all of our clients that have created courses and opted to "Share" those courses with other clients.

Build blended learning solutions. We're experts at integrating your existing traditional course materials into your eLearning system . We can also train your trainers - helping them to become experts at TrainerWare

Your trainer becomes “the expert” with TrainerWare’s web-based tools.  Let our team work with your trainers so that they know how to take the e-learning ball and run with it.  Our team will not only train you to integrate and deliver your existing course material, but we can train you in developing new content that is proprietary only to your organization.

Please note that the portions of the aforementioned "Train the Trainer" are not included in the standard $499.00 or $3,500.00 pricing structure and that additional fees will apply.

Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers
Have you written a book or article related to networking marketing or do you have experience that would be useful for network marketers? TrainerWare is currently seeking experienced individuals to write and create online courses – get paid for creating courses or revenue share your courses across our network of clients.
Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers

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