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With TrainerWare you create the courses, set the prices, use your merchant account and invite employees, distributors, students and customers to enroll in your courses.  All of the income from the sale of courses on your co-branded or private labeled TrainerWare go right to you.

TrainerWare reduces your overhead while offering a substantial source of revenue to your company. At only $49.95 per month, and only $1.00 per active enrolled student per month, the potential to create a positive cash flow revenue stream for your company is enormous.

As a co-branded or private label client of TrainerWare you can create as many courses as you would like (1, 100 or 1000) without incurring any additional fees.  You then determine the price structure of the course that employees, distributors, students, clients, etc. enroll in the courses.  You can create courses that are FREE as well as set a fixed amount per course.  TrainerWare receives $1.00 per month for each "enrolled student".

This means is you could have 100 courses, 75 students and only 25 students enrolled in any or all of the 100 courses you offer. You will only pay TrainerWare for each of the 25 students enrolled in courses.

As a TrainerWare co-branded or private-label client we provide you with access to insert, and update on-the-fly, your own merchant account / payment gateway.  TrainerWare currently supports over 50 of the most widely used payment gateways.

Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers
Have you written a book or article related to networking marketing or do you have experience that would be useful for network marketers? TrainerWare is currently seeking experienced individuals to write and create online courses – get paid for creating courses or revenue share your courses across our network of clients.
Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers

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