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Your Marketing Challenge

Finding ways to attract new customers and stimulate sales while increasing brand recognition can even present challenges to the most dedicated marketing team.  Adding convenience and excitement to customer spending and gift giving can differentiate your organization from the competition.

The TrainerWare Solution

Gift Card programs are a great way to attract new customers and encourage them to buy more.  Attractively designed cards featuring your logo help reinforce your corporate brand and keep you top of mind.  Inject additional excitement into your co-branded or private label TrainerWare program by adding the power of Pre-Paid-Course (Gift) Cards.

TrainerWare real-time marketing tools let our clients dynamically interact with their consumers and build profitable, long-term customer relationships with a Pre-Paid-Course Card program.  This marketing system helps to increase retention, frequency and acquisition rates for our clients.

Launching a Pre-Paid-Course (Gift) Card program is an exciting new way for your current customers to give gift cards, or for current customers to have method to pay for courses without a credit card or check.

Our Pre-Paid-Course (Gift) Card system is a great way to attract new customers and encourage them to buy more from your business.

Use our Pre-Paid-Course (Gift) Card Program to:

  Increase revenue when new customers that receive gift cards visit your co-branded or private labeled TrainerWare website.
  Customers often spend more than the value of the card, further increasing revenue and your bottom-line!
  Improve cash flow by taking advantage of immediate increased cash-flow until the customer redeems it
  Unlike gift certificates, gift cards store the value and do not require a cash refund for unspent value after the transaction

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Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers
Have you written a book or article related to networking marketing or do you have experience that would be useful for network marketers? TrainerWare is currently seeking experienced individuals to write and create online courses – get paid for creating courses or revenue share your courses across our network of clients.
Wanted: Instructors, Educators, Trainers & Writers

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